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Vinchio – Vaglio Serra Tre Vescovi Barbera d’Asti Superiore 2016

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After the first selection for “Barbera Vigne Vecchie” grapes, the remaining grapes with higher sugar-content are used to make the “Barbera d”Asti Superiore”. The name “Superiore” (superior) is only given if wine meets high quality standards: grapes must have a natural higher sugar-content and wine must be aged for twelve months, six of which in oak barrels.

Thanks to its characteristics, Barbera is suitable for ageing in barrels. Our “Superiore” is aged in oak barrels during a space of time (at least, six months) which varies according to recurrent wine-tastings. Barrel ageing makes this wine unalterable in time. It has a ruby- red colour with orange overtones and an excellent body. It has a strong bouquet of dried fruits and slightly “boisé” (woody flavour). Its taste is dry and long-lasting.

Winemaking Grape-stalks removal and pressing; maceration process at controlled temperature in programmable vats.


Vinchio Vaglio Serra is a Cantina Sociale located near Asti in the town of Vinchio. Far from your typical social winery, Vinchio Vaglio Serra controls all aspects of the production process from vine to bottle. Their wines have garnered the highest possible praise from Gambero Rosso, and for good reason.

The Barbera grape thrives in the hills of Monferrato, and Vinchio Vaglio Serra truly knows Barbera. The many growers associated with Vinchio Vaglio Serra have a long history with the cantina. Started in 1959, the cantina has dedicated itself to promoting the illustrious, if often underrated Barbera grape. Although they produce many other wines, Barbera is clearly the focus at this modern winery. From the entry level Kroara Barbera to the top Insythesis (from 6 Barbera clones), the Barbera dAsti from Vinchio Vaglio Serra is unsurpassed in quality.

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Piemonte, Italy Wine

Vinchio – Vaglio Serra Tre Vescovi Barbera d’Asti Superiore 2016 was selected from Piemonte, Italy.

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