An Italian Wine Importer bringing you the best of Italy.

Who We Are

A Talented group of Italian Sommeliers

Our team procures the finest old world wines from every region in Italy. Many of our wines come from small family vineyards that can’t be found in the US due to very limited production. The sweat and blood of many generations can be experienced with the passion that goes into each bottle of wine from our selection. Through our Italian website community you’ll have a chance to virtually meet many of the winemakers, see their slice of paradise in the Italian countryside and be able share your thoughts and feelings about each of their wines as you taste them for yourselves.

What We Do

We bring the Italian Countryside to the US. From the vineyard to your door!


Our team travels to Italy and seeks out the most unique, high-quality, and exclusive Italian wines to offer. Expect hand-picked wines you’ll love.


Working with various partners, we secure the rights to import select Italian Wines from many regions to our distribution facility.


We love being able to share our exclusive Italian Wines with ItalianVini.com members. Buy online, pour and enjoy. Find your new favorite Italian wine now!

What They Say

Feedback from passionate Italian Wine connoisseurs.

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